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  • New Effort sleeve Booster Elite This new range has needed 2 years of research and brings 5 major technical and scientific innovations condensed in 25 grams of next generation textile.

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  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable with perfect climate management, the light neck tube can be worn as a neck warmer, hat or facemask

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  • BV SPORT compression arm sleeves maximise comfort and performance. The sleeves will support the muscles through physical exertions, keeping the muscles in position. They provide excellent breathability and moisture wicking. Flat seams at the cuffs will reduce irritation or friction. Refer to the size guide technical top.

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  • During physical exercise, the muscles in the top of the body, the pelvis and the thighs are subject to considerable venous and biomechanical strain, which can be heightened by certain sports. The compressive structure allows controlled muscullar support, reducing vibration and oscillation during all physical exertions. 67% Polyamide, 25% Polyester & 8%...

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