• The triathlon suit 3X100 will please the most exigent triathletes. Manufactured from the new fibers ECLIPSE and ACQUA ZERO, the TRI 3X100 was conceived and designed in collaboration with a large Italian manufacturer whose expertise and know-how in the triathlon area are remarkably known.

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  • The TRI 3X200 suit will delight even the most demanding triathletes. Manufactured using the new ECLIPSE and ACQUA ZERO fibres, the suit was designed and developed in collaboration with a major Italian manufacturer which has indispensable knowledge and expertise in triathlons.

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  • BV SPORT compression arm sleeves maximise comfort and performance. The sleeves will support the muscles through physical exertions, keeping the muscles in position. They provide excellent breathability and moisture wicking. Flat seams at the cuffs will reduce irritation or friction.

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  • The BOOSTER Elite EVO2 combines the latest textile innovations and BV Sport's several validations and scientific studies. The new compression calf sleeve has been designed using several types of mesh (ultra-flexible/flexible/semi-rigid/rigid) to exert specific pressure on the calf, shin and ankle.

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